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Indoor Group Fitness Classes

Welcome to our weekly indoor group fitness classes at Newlands Primary School, situated on Dumpton Lane in Ramsgate and our new venue, namely Roosty's, Nelson College in Broadstairs. These sessions cater to individuals of all fitness levels and are conducted year-round. We offer ample free off-road parking, convenient restroom facilities, and all the necessary equipment for our welcoming gatherings.

Please consult the class timetable & prices section for our weekly indoor schedule, which includes a diverse array of classes suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. Our workouts are regularly refreshed to facilitate individual progress and to provide variety in both exercises and music, ensuring your motivation remains high.  Here's a concise overview of our classes and what you can anticipate:-

full-body workout designed to enhance strength, bolster core stability, ignite fat burning

Kettlebell Fusion - a dynamic, full-body workout designed to enhance strength, bolster core stability, ignite fat burning, improve cardiovascular fitness and sculpt muscles. Unlike traditional kettlebell routines that rely on heavy weights, our classes utilise lighter weights in a continuous sequence, engaging every muscle group for maximum effectiveness.  Our comprehensive session spans approximately 50 minutes. Women typically use 4kg kettlebells, while men opt for 8kg, with weights available starting from 2kg.

Adaptability is key—our exercises can be tailored to accommodate all fitness levels, with modifications and progressions offered as needed.

flex classes with lorraine mitchell

FLEX - a low-impact class focused on strength, mobility, and flexibility, tailored to suit today's active lifestyle, leveraging the resistance of your own body weight. This comprehensive session includes progressive mobility exercises alongside the use of spikey balls and foam rollers to effectively target muscle stimulation, offering relief from discomfort.

Diverse routines and exercises are provided, addressing key areas of the body such as hips, hip flexors, lower back, and shoulders. 

Fitness Pilates in Thanet

Fitness Pilates a low-impact group exercise class designed to harmonise the body as a kinetic chain, utilising your own body weight. Rooted in fundamental Pilates techniques and exercises, this programme aims to correct musculoskeletal imbalances, enhance posture, movement quality, mobility, flexibility, mental cognition, core strength, and overall functional capability. It fosters a non-intimidating, highly accessible, and enjoyable environment for all participants.

Class styles may incorporate a range of exercises and sequences, along with the integration of resistance bands and hedgehog pods to further enhance strength training, balance, and coordination.

Untitled design (2).jpg

Stimulating Equipment - Enhanced within my FLEX classes is the integration of SMR (Self Myofascial Release) techniques employing spikey balls, hedgehog pods, and foam rollers. This method effectively stimulates the fascia, amplifying the alleviation of discomfort and promoting increased mobility. Furthermore, these tools are seamlessly woven into the class regimen, facilitating not only targeted exercises for deeper stimulation but also enhancing overall mobility. All requisite equipment is provided for participants' convenience.

activation band classes

Activation Bands - a great functional piece of equipment to activate the muscles and condition the body with cardio and conditioning exercises.  I love to bring the bands into the flex and fitness pilates classes to offer more variety, as well as aid further mobility and strength moves, and great for a Leg, Bums & Tums class. 

Untitled design (7).jpg

Online Studio - In addition, I provide a variety of classes in my online studio, offering short and effective 15-minute workouts designed to seamlessly integrate into your busy lifestyle

20  20  20 Full Body Workout2.jpg

20 / 20 / 20  - An excellent full-body workout featuring a 20-minute flexibility & mobility session, a 20-minute kettlebell fusion routine, and 20 minutes of fitness Pilates mat work, all set to fun, upbeat music.

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