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Personal Training

Whether your aspirations revolve around weight loss, muscle toning, strength gain, or overall improvement in posture, flexibility, health, and well-being, factors such as age, gender, or prior fitness experience hold no sway. My aim is to support you in navigating these challenges, providing personalised training programmes, coaching and nutritional guidance tailored to your needs, with the ultimate aim of helping you be the best you can possibly be both physically and mentally.

Furthermore, I believe in surpassing mere fitness objectives by embracing a holistic approach. This involves conducting thorough assessments of posture, range of motion, and functional movement, and implementing corrective measures to address any muscular imbalances.


With a clientele ranging from individuals in their 20s to those in their 70s, each with their own unique goals, ailments, injuries, and challenges, I take pride in my ability to adapt and customise programmes to suit their specific requirements. Throughout the years, I've successfully guided clients through recovery from procedures such as hip replacements, shoulder replacements, torn rotator cuffs, knee replacements, and even cancer treatments, all of which necessitate significant strength-building and mobility training. Additionally, I've worked with clients aiming to build lean muscle or achieve weight loss goals.

Whether it's through one-on-one personal training, small group sessions, or dynamic group fitness classes, my commitment remains unwavering in guiding you towards your fitness aspirations.

How to Get Started


The first step towards taking your new health and fitness journey is to get in touch to arrange a full consultation.  The service I offer is a lot more thorough than the standard consultation.  It is important to gain a detailed understanding of your current medical background and any medication you may be taking, your fitness levels, posture, functional movement, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, as well as your goals and objectives.  This helps me to better understand your individual needs when tailoring your programme.  For this reason I always incorporate a detailed health & lifestyle assessment as part of my service.  Please refer to the ‘health & lifestyle assessment’ menu for a detailed breakdown of what is included.  Please allow up to 90 minutes, which varies dependent upon each individual’s needs. 


Where to Train


I am based in the Thanet area, where I am able to undertake all personal training sessions either online, outdoors, at your offices, or at your home.   All training sessions last approximately 1 hour.

Cross Fit Class

One-to-One Training :  (Based on hourly rate of £40 p.p.)

Small Group / Couple Training (Based on hourly rate of £30 p.p.)


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