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Lorraine's classes have now got some added twists. Like this one had the resistance bands whilst doing the LBT. Lorraine also breaks down each exercise so you can start from a complete beginners to a expert. Also I've had a few injuries and Lorraine has showed me a different way to do the exercise so I don't aggravate the injury. Love all the classes. The new FLEX is amazing making you more agile.


Great class tonight! A proper workout. Great music and motivation. The activation bands take a bit of getting used to, but the extra resistance is really effective. I even enjoyed the the mats tonight. I hope to improve my core strength and tum…. The time flew. Thanks Lorraine.


Personal training, for me, is all about trust.  I trust Lorraine completely. When she is working with me

she is totally focussed on my body and wellbeing.

Sally Boyle

Great candlelit pilates and prosecco evening Lorraine… you worked so hard putting it all together. Very relaxing and great to chat at the end. Very generous with the champagne! Have a great Christmas xxxx


I always enjoy the kettlebells workout and it works so well followed by flex. This week’s flex was very good, and using the hedgehog pods - an amazing piece of equipment. I really enjoyed the session and experience, they really made a difference. Thank you for introducing me to hedgehog pods! 

Julie B.  x

'Lorraine is a great Trainer both in class and one-to-one: very aware of clients' aspirations and abilities, she is very supportive in all aspects of exercise and nutrition, always updating her own knowledge and adventuring into new fitness territory.'

Maggie Wren

'As someone of a 'certain' age with health problems, working with Lorraine over the last 2 years has been invaluable and has helped improve my heart function. She knows how to adapt workouts to the particular needs of a person. She is careful and caring. A thoroughly decent, honest and effective trainer.'

S Rees 

'Lorraine is very committed to helping individuals reach personal goals and stretching them even further. By gaining a good understanding of individual needs she builds a plan, amending as goals are achieved, to stretch you further. Lorraine is very knowledgeable and highly qualified to ensure you receive the best PT training tailored to your needs.  Lorraine has been my personal trainer for over a year and I have benefited greatly, I would highly recommend her as a PT. '

 Julie Brown

“I have trained with Lorraine for more than 2 yrs and have found her incredibly reliable , knowledgeable and focused on clients needs and aspirations. I particularly appreciate her dedicated help after my knee injury that helped me immensely to bounce back “  


I started training with Lorraine six months ago (after a period with limited exercise) with a focus on getting fit and healthy, overall body strengthening, plus improved flexibility/range of motion. Lorraine has been excellent at listening to any particular concerns, keeps the sessions interesting and changes them up when I reach the next goal. Thank you Lorraine, you are great to work with!   

Natalie Rayner

I have been suffering from the effects of injuries received in an accident and also Osteoarthritis which has left me in pain and with severe stiffness in my joints.  Since having PT sessions with Lorraine and with her expert help and encouragement I am now more mobile and suffer far less pain.  As well as my gym programme Lorraine has given me a series of small exercises  to do daily to maintain this improvement.  I have recommended Lorraine to other gym members and wouldn't hesitate to do so in future. 

 H. Robson

  "I am moving out of the area shortly and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU Lorraine for your amazing personal training you gave me. You were so patient and understanding and didn't judge me when I fell off the wagon or made excuses why I hadn't stuck to my plan, you just encouraged me to get straight back on it and move on. You gave me the confidence to walk in to the gym and use the free weights and all the equipment that I would never have dared to use before. I love going to the gym now and the first thing I am doing once I've moved in is find a gym in my new local area. Thank you for changing my life and my eating habits for the better, you will always be that little voice in my head telling me to go for it and not to give up. As a personal trainer you were so motivating, I will miss our sessions Best Wishes"

Jo Regan

'Lorraine is one of the most motivated and passionate people that I have met in this gym and this is what attracted me to her as a personal trainer. Her dedication and encouragement is second to none, and is always adapting the training to suit.'

Barry Housman

'You have helped to change my mentality about the gym and now I see it as a fun place to come and do the workouts you set for me. Thank you for always being so encouraging and helping me to achieve my health goals. I am a fitter person because of you! '

Meme Arnouk

'Lorraine's vibrant, motivating, upbeat and supporting attitude kept me coming back for more. Her knowledge of fitness and nutrition kept me on track , with weight loss and overall fitness achieved in no time'  

Debbie Barry x

'Lorraine has helped me so much over the last 9 months. I’ve tried over and over to lose weight and keep it off and never succeeded. 

After working with lorraine I have lost over 19.75” around my body, 2.5 stone in weight and 14% body fat.  I cannot recommend her enough and she is absolutely lovely to add some (sugar free) icing on the cake!' 

Alistair McPherson

Everyone was very welcoming and the fitness pilates class was a good balance of fitness and relaxation - exactly what I was looking for. Thank you x


First time trying fitness Pilates. It was the perfect mid week exercise. More to it than I thought. Best nights sleep in a long time after a fitness Pilates session with Lorraine! 

Mel. W.

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