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Posture, Range of Motion & Functional Movement

A further complimentary service I provide as your personal trainer is postural analysis, range of motion testing and functional movement analysis, supported with corrective exercises built into your training programme, where required.  This is a fundamental element that forms part of the initial consultation with any new client to clearly understand your body’s current condition, and certainly before providing you with a bespoke training programme.  It is important to understand what over-active and under-active muscles you have and ensure they are corrected.

There is a lot of emphasis on training the core of the body.  The core of the body is the trunk, the part left over when the arms and legs are discounted, and not just the abdominals and lower back.  Both muscle tissue and ligaments help to stabilise the spine and support movement around the core.  When the core musculature does not function as it should this is where problems arise.

Postural deviations create muscular dysfunction around the core and will reduce your ability to hold good form and maintain a neutral spine during any exercise and activity, thus impacting on your functional movement.  Many factors may contribute to poor posture, such as your line of work; e.g. sitting for long periods, bodyweight, height, lifestyle, activity habits, injury, etc.  This is why training the core forms an important part of your training programme, as well as range of motion exercises (the planes of movement).  Equally important is to ensure good spinal alignment and exercise technique throughout, which is where I come in as your personal trainer to ensure careful consideration of the core exercises and planes of movement to match your ability.


As well as undertaking training exercises to improve your posture I also analyse your range of motion and incorporate the planes of motion into your training programme, as well as flexibility.  Flexibility exercises should also form part of your overall training programme to aid core function and improve any postural deviations.  I will guide you on what flexibility exercises to do that will best suit your needs.


Herewith, a picture of the optimal posture, along with the common postural deviations.

posture and ROM with lorraine mitchell fitness
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