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Healthy Habits

Consultation, Health & Lifestyle Assessment

health and lifestyle assessment

My thorough consultation also incorporates a health and lifestyle assessment being the perfect start in working towards your health, fitness and nutrition goals.  The first part of our personal training journey together; getting to know each other.  All completed at a location convenient to you.   


  The assessment will include:


  • Medical screening and lifestyle questionnaires

  • Goals analysis

  • Resting Heart Rate

  • Blood Pressure

  • Height  and weight measurements

  • Body Mass Index measurements

  • Circumferential measurements (including waist)

  • Body composition (% fat)

  • Postural analysis

  • Range of motion testing

  • Functional movement analysis

  • Nutritional habits analysis

  • Cardiovascular fitness testing (predicting VO2max)

  • Muscular endurance testing


  From the assessment you will receive:


A detailed breakdown of your results with clear explanations, along with our jointly agreed action plan.

An effective, yet easy to follow bespoke exercise programme, including corrective exercises for posture and muscular imbalance, where required.  All of which are reviewed and updated, where appropriate, on an ongoing basis.

Homework stretches

Clear nutritional advice 

Copies of contracts/consent forms.


      Please allow up to 90 minutes, which varies dependent upon each individual’s needs. 

Price = £60

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