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Are You Ready to go Virtual Kettlercise

Good morning all - are you ready for Virtual Kettlercise with an award winning Kettlebell Specialist instructor & Advanced Personal Trainer, of course you are xxx

The online booking tool is now available for Sat, 28th March (9am FREE) & Mon, 30th March (9.15am PAYABLE). Please read the notes below before proceeding. I am also about to do my kettlebell deliveries so please bear with me while I'm out/about this morning. If you need to hire a kettlebell see below notes.


No one is allowed to attend unless I have a signed PARQ form from you (available via my online booking tool. If you are one of my regular freelance class attendees and/or regular PT client you are covered. Everyone else, please download, sign and return the form to me FIRST. I am happy to deliver/collect signed forms within the Thanet Area if you do not have printing/scanning options. Any queries, please message me directly BEFORE YOU PROCEED with any payments. Once paid, all payments are non-refundable.

1. Fees - effective w/c Mon, 30th March - PAYG @ £3.50 or Monthly subscription @ £40 (all 25 classes). 1b. All bookings are by invitation only so you need to book online first as I need your contact details in order to set you up on my software & invite you to the virtual class. 1c. Monthly subscribers benefit from priority booking over PAYG. You only need to register for the FREE session so I can gather your contact details. Once you pay £40, I will automatically send you meeting invite for EVERY future class. 1d. PAYG, once I have uploaded the class online you simply book/pay online. 1e. Monthly subscribers, message me and I'll advise my account/sort code for you to do bank transfer. 2. Classes - I will be doing 5 classes a week over March (25 classes for the month). Yes that's £1.60 a class if you pay monthly! 2b. Mon, Wed & Fri @ 9.15am 2c. Tues & Thur @ 6.30pm 2d. All classes will be 45mins duration. 3. if you would like to hire a kettlebell (£5 per kettlebell) please advise. Happy to deliver within Thanet area. I can deliver or arrange suitable meet-up point. All bells have been deep cleaned. I have good stock of 2kg and 4kg, starting to get low now on 6kg and 8kg. So get in quick if you need one.

I think that's enough info. for now. I will message again later today with further details regarding the software I am using (no charge incurred from you at all). You simply pay the class fee.

Bear with me folks, for those of you who know me well. I am definitely outside my comfort zone with all this technology ha ha XXX love n hugs.

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