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Beginners Class Starts Tomorrow

Joining my Fitness Pilates Beginners class is an excellent way to start your journey to a healthier, more balanced you.

Classes with lorraine mitchell fitness
Beginners Fitness Pilates Class

Here are some key aspects of Fitness Pilates: * Core Strengthening - by strengthening the core, this helps to improve stability, balance and overall body control.

* Functional Movements - Fitness Pilates includes exercises that mimic everyday movements, making it a practical form of exercise for daily life. This can include movements like squats, lunges and rotations.

* Flexibility - whilst strength is a focus, so is flexibility. Many Fitness Pilates routines incorporate stretches and movements to enhance flexibility and range of motion.

* Mind & Body Connection - similar to traditional Pilates; Fitness Pilates encourages a mind-body connection. Focusing on breathing, form, and body awareness during exercises.

* Variety - Fitness Pilates offers a wide variety of exercises and intensity. I like to start you all from the beginning and later incorporate props as well, such as resistance bands, blocks or balls

* Adaptability - Fitness Pilates is suitable for all fitness levels and can be modified to accommodate different needs and abilities.

As a Certified Fitness Pilates instructor I will guide you through all the exercises, ensuring proper form and technique. You also have the added benefit of me being a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer and GP Referral Trainer.

Fitness Pilates can provide numerous benefits, including improved posture, increased strength, enhanced flexibility, and stress relief. If you are looking for a well-rounded, low-impact workout that combines elements of both Pilates and general fitness training, then look no further.

A perfect time to start your Fitness Pilates journey with me by attending my Beginners Class every Wednesday, 6.45-7.30pm. Newlands Primary School, Dumpton Lane, Ramsgate. Free off-street parking and equipment provided. PAYG £7 or monthly subscription. Click here to book your place.

I look forward to seeing you soon, Lorraine x


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