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Flex - Early Bird Offer Ends Today

Less than 24hrs to go. Early Bird offer ends midnight tonight. Use code: Flex1 at check-out.

* Are you ready to improve your mobility & Flexibility? * Do you need to improve your core strength? * Do you have aches and pains in your knees, hips or back?

Flex is the online course you've been waiting for. Join me live online (Mon at 06.30 / Wed at 09.45) for 2 weekly 30-min classes over 4 weeks.

offer ends midnight tonight
Flex early bird offer

I shall be taking you through a fun, upbeat, low-impact workout, broken into segments, working through all key areas of the body, to improve range of motion and reduce those aches and pains.

Starting on Mon, 4th Sept 2023 - book quickly before that deal goes

Early bird offer (£30) ends TODAY.

Book online to reserve your place before the Early Bird Offer ends, by clicking here.

FLEX, the mobility and flexibility class to get you moving again. What better way to start your day; mobilise, activate and stimulate your muscles and joints.

Look forward to welcoming you online


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