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Get Ready: More Pilates Classes Are Coming Your Way

Looking to improve your mobility and flexibility? Do you need to improve your back and core strength?

I am thrilled to announce that starting Tuesday, 9th July, I will be launching an additional Fitness Pilates evening class at Newlands Primary School in Ramsgate. The class will run from 7:15 to 8:00pm. You can join on a pay-as-you-go basis for £7.50 per class or opt for a monthly pass to access all classes. There is ample off-road parking, and mats will be provided.

Not familiar with Fitness Pilates?

It's a low-impact group exercise class based on the original teachings, principles, and exercises of Joseph Pilates. This modern and functional session aims to harmonise the body as a kinetic chain. It addresses basic postural imbalances, improves back and core strength, and enhances mobility and flexibility. The class is non-intimidating, highly accessible, fun, and enjoyable, set to music. Designed to strengthen weaker areas of the body, it is suitable for all fitness levels.

The new class is now open for booking. Simply click on the image to book your space. I'm looking forward to offering even more variety, with different moves from the other classes, to keep things fresh for those who attend more than once a week.


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