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Indoor Class Update

Hi everyone, so pleased you are enjoying the new mix of classes. Please keep the feedback coming. It's great to hear from you. Herewith, the class timetable for this week. Another great, and new mix, of classes for you. Going circuit style with kettlebells. Great opportunity to try out some heavier weights, if you wish, and we'll have some games

classes at newlands
weekly class timetable

included too.

You loved L.B.T. so much (and you advised you ached too). So this week I've included a lower body Flex session afterwards to ease those muscles, finishing with a lovely self massage with the foam rollers. So get ready for a 60 minute session on this one.

Finally, wanted to give you the heads-up that the Newlands Primary school Canteen will be undergoing roof and electrical renovations during the Summer Holidays. Hence, we have the following alternative venues, effective this Saturday, 22nd July until 27th August:

  • Tuesdays @ Dame Janet Upper School, Ramsgate - (I shall have the staff car park open for you)

  • Thursdays @ Drapers Mill, Margate - (drive through gates and park on the playground)

  • Saturdays @ Newlands Main Hall - (same staff cark park, just walk round the back)

Thank you everyone for your continued support. See you in class. Message me if you have any questions. xxx


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