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Online Classes are Here

  • Sitting in your chair for too many hours?

  • Need to get more mobile?

  • Aching joints?

FLEX is coming to you LIVE, with the first of many online classes, via zoom. Commencing Mon, 4th Sept ' 23 with two classes a week on Monday & Wednesday, as a 4 week course.

FLEX is coming online
early bird offer

Take advantage of the early bird offer. For a limited time only (usually £40).

Book online to reserve your place by clicking here.

FLEX, the mobility and flexibility class to get you moving again. Working with your own body weight to mobilise, activate and stimulate your muscles and joints.

Foam rollers and spikey balls incorporated into the sessions too. Alternatively, you can use a towel or tennis balls.

Exciting times, I cannot wait to introduce FLEX online to you.


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