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Thoroughly Enjoyed It

Big thank you for joining me in the launch of Fitness Pilates this week folks. I absolutely loved teaching this class. Such a contrast to the high impact weights classes I teach, which is just what I was aiming for. You were all amazing and I'm so pleased you all enjoyed it and left feeling nicely relaxed.

don't forget your pillow
Fitness Pilates with Lorraine Mitchell

This sets things up nicely now, offering both high & low impact group fitness classes and mind and body classes.

A reminder, don't forget to bring a towel or pillow with you for next week, particularly for that 4 minute snooze session x

Next Wednesday, 20th September will also be £6 PAYG, with the regular price and plan to now be confirmed, pending feedback from everyone that attends. As discussed, I am using these two weeks to:

  • gauge your interest

  • enquire if you prefer 6.45pm or 7.00pm start time

  • whether you wish to do 45 or 60 minutes class duration

Once I have everyone's feedback I will then make a final decision, which will be implemented from Wed, 27th September onwards. Either way, you will have the option to PAYG or purchase a monthly plan. I shall keep you updated and thank you again.


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