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Flex - Coming to you in June

FLEX Mobility Training - I am so excited to be launching the first of many new group fitness classes to you all, both indoors and online. This new group fitness class will fit nicely in with my kettlebell classes, helping to further improve your mobility, reduce pain and risk of injury, and enhance overall physical function, which will translate to better performance in your daily lives, thus improving your overall health and well-being.

The FLEX Mobility Training programme covers a wide range of mobility exercises and techniques, including foam rolling, stretching, dynamic warm-up, and corrective exercises. The programme also emphasises the importance of proper form, technique, and progression to ensure safe and effective mobility training.

Open to all fitness levels, both men and women and performed with great up-beat music.

I am also busily updating my website to incorporate this programme into the weekly schedule, as well as updating the site to provide you with your own login and members page.

Further details to follow. Have a great weekend everyone xxxx


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