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Debuting Pilates Sculpt Fusion

Prepare yourself for an exciting new fitness class debuting this Saturday, 23rd March at 9am: 'Pilates Sculpt Fusion'.

new fitness class with lorraine mitchell fitness
pilates sculpt fusion

In this invigorating session, we'll seamlessly merge elements of FLEX mobility and flexibility with the strength-building techniques of Fitness Pilates, incorporating the use of light weights. This unique combination aims to fortify our bones, muscles, and joints, promoting strength, flexibility, and overall wellbeing. Adding to the experience, we'll infuse the session with lively, upbeat music to enhance the enjoyment factor.

You'll have the freedom to choose weights, starting as light as half a kilo, catering to your individual preferences. Expect a comprehensive, full-body, low-impact workout that's gentle on the joints and suitable for all skill levels.

Excited to try out this new class? Secure your spot by clicking here. Classes commence tomorrow morning at 9am (Saturday), located at Newlands Primary School in Ramsgate. See you there!


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