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A Week of Festive Fun

Are you prepared to kick off the festive spirit as we embark on the last week of classes before Christmas?

lorraine mitchell fitness
a week of festive fun
  • Tues, 19th Dec - Kettlebells & Fitness Pilates Fusion - 30 minutes of kettlebells, followed by 30 minutes of fitness pilates, what a great combo.

  • Wed, 20th Dec - Christmas Candle Light Pilates & Prosecco - bring your big comfy cushions and blanket for a relaxing one hour candle light fitnes pilates session, followed by a glass of prosecco

  • Thur, 21st Dec - Santa's Circuit Challenge - a full body circuit challenge all based around the christmas theme with many twists and challenges.

The online booking platform has been updated and you can click here to reserve your place.

I will also be bringing along some festive treats as well to get you all in the spirit. ho ho ho xxx


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