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Fitness Pilates is Here

I want to say a "Big Thank You" to everyone that came along to my new Fitness Pilates introductory classes over the past two weeks. I really enjoyed teaching this class. Thank you all so much for your feedback; I'm so pleased you all enjoyed it too.

weekly indoor classes
Fitness Pilates Classes are here

So, let the regular Fitness Pilates class begin.....

Following on from your feedback and, effective Wednesday, 27th Sept '23, classes will be 45 minute duration, starting at 6.45pm (6.45 -7.30pm).

With this in mind, I can confirm the regular prices for this class will be as follows:

PAYG @ £7

Monthly Pass @ £24

I have updated the booking platform for you to book accordingly for next week, be it PAYG or utilise your monthly fitness pilates pass, for those that have already purchased the pass.

May be you have....

* Tight hips?

* Lower back pain?

* Need to improve your balance or Posture?

* Knee Pain?

* Problem sleeping?

* Restricted movement in your neck/shoulders?

* Need to strengthen your core?

I adapt all the Fitness Pilates exercises accordingly. Come along and try it out or message me if you would like to discuss further. Always here to help,

Lorraine x


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