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Fitness Pilates is so Much More than Core Strength

Fitness Pilates has been such a great success and I'm so pleased many of you have been joining me on a Wednesday evening at 6.45pm. In a couple of weeks time I will be enhancing the programme further, introducing some new moves. But did you know - Fitness Pilates is so much more than improving Core Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, Posture, Balance,

Wednesday 6.45pm classes in Thanet
Fitness Pilates with Lorraine

Balance and Movement. Take a read of these Fitness Pilates benefits, inspired to get you fired up:

* Decreases back pain - by targeting both the deeper abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to both contract and release

* Reduces Injury Risk - by balancing the muscles of the body so that they are neither loose and weak, nor tight and rigid. Focusing on developing dynamic strength, which means you are better able to support and stabilize your joints while moving.

* Increases Energy - by focusing on breath, Fitness Pilates improves your cardiorespiratory capacity. This stimulates oxygen flow, blood circulation and, wait for it, the feel-good hormones (endorphins)!

* Decreases Stress - focusing on the breath, Fitness Pilates can down-regulate the nervous system. This, in turn, can take you out of fight-or-flight mode, lower the cortisol levels and decrease stress over time.

* Reduces Menstrual Pain - Dysmenorrhea is the condition of painful menstrual periods, which can be very debilitating. Fitness Pilates can help to reduce the pain.

* Improves your Sex Life - Fitness Pilates builds endurance, strength, mobility, and flexibility that can enhance your bedroom adventures by allowing you to get into and hold positions longer. But also, an effective tool for improving pelvic floor strength and function, and a strong pelvic floor correlates with increased sexual pleasure.

* Strengthens your Bones - The current lifestyle of more sitting and less moving is detrimental to our health and our bone density. Strong bone density prevents Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis and can affect people of any age. Fitness Pilates helps to increase bone density.

Hope that's got you fired up to become more active xxx


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