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Are you Ready?

Get ready for a great line up of new classes again next week.

indoor group fitness classes with lorraine
kettlebell strength & conditioning

Firstly, the Kettlebell workout - you have done plenty of fat-burning, hard core and genesis workouts. Time now to introduce you all to Strength & Conditioning. This is where we go heavier on the weights (if you wish) to strengthen muscles and bones and shed that midsection. A different training system again using intervals. So, in addition to bringing in the usual 2kg, 4kg and 6kg kettlebells. Next week I shall also bring along 8kg, 10kg and 12kg for those that wish to take it to the next level.

Have you tried the Flex class yet?

I will be introducing a slower tempo of mobility and flexibility next week. A Flex Masterclass with the spikey balls. We will be doing this low-impact, bodyweight class barefoot to allow you the wonderful experience of a self-massage, working through the feet with the spikey balls.

group fitness classes with lorraine
Flex Masterclass spikey balls

* Do you suffer with Knee Pain?

* Have restricted movement in the hips?

* Stiff lower back?

Then you will definitely love Flex, with the added bonus of using the spikey balls to stimulate the fascia and loosen all those knots and tight areas, reducing muscle tension and improving blood flow. More importantly, to aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

I look forward to introducing these great classes to you all indoors next week.

Have a great weekend everyone xx


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