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Need to limber up from the bank holiday weekend adventures?

Would like an insight into what FLEX is?

Come and join me online for a 15-minute FLEX morning mobility express class. It's FREE!

FLEX coming to you online
FLEX Online

You'll be helping me to run some final tests with my new system as well.

I will link up with you via Zoom. Don't worry if you don't have a zoom account. You can easily set-up a FREE account. As the host of the meeting the charges fall on me, so don't worry you won't be charged for anything.

Once you have made the booking I will then forward you a zoom meeting invite, detailing the link and ID number.

All you will need is to wear comfortable gym attire and have a water bottle and towel at the ready. You can also do the class either bare foot or in trainers, personal choice. We will be working with your own bodyweight, warming up and mobilising your muscles and joints, supported with music in the background too. Click here to book your place and look forward to seeing you online on Monday. xxx


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