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Kettlebells Anyone?

* Familiar with the incredible results that Kettlebell workouts can deliver?

* Did you know that Kettlebell workouts not only enhance strength but also improve cardiovascular fitness?

* Are you aware of how effective kettlebell workouts are for burning calories and lean muscle building?

* Unsure about correct techniques for kettlebell exercises?

* In search of a supportive fitness community to help keep you motivated?

* Seeking guidance from a certified kettlebell specialist and fitness expert?

* Keen to experience firsthand how kettlebell training can be both challenging and rewarding? Enjoy a complimentary trial session.

lorraine mitchell fitness
Kettlebell Classes with Lorraine Mitchell

  • Every Tuesday evening @ 6.30pm

  • PAYG £6 or block bookings available

  • Newlands Primary School, Dumpton Lane, Ramsgate

  • Ample off-street parking & toilet facilities

  • Equipment provided.

  • All fitness levels welcome.

Click here to book your place or message me for a complimentary trial session if it is your first time. Look forward to seeing you tonight x


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