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It is always great to receive such wonderful customer feedback regarding my group Kettlercise classes and this is another recent one from the lovely Ilona:-

"I would highly recommend Kettlercise with Lorraine to anyone, love these sessions. Lorraine is a brilliant trainer, makes everyone comfortable and gives lots of tips and tricks to get the most out of every workout. I have seen great change in my body toning and in my energy levels, Thank you Lorraine x."

Forget what you know about traditional kettlebell training using heavy weights. Kettlercise is completely different, as Ilona is demonstrating in the picture, using a 4kg for her class workout, in the midst of doing her bicep curl exercise.

Kettlercise is a fat burning, full body workout, using light weights to tone and sculpt the body. Average weight for the ladies is 4 - 6kg, whilst the gents average is 6 - 8kg, as a guideline. Kettlebells start from 2kg and all exercises are adapted for each individual in the class, whilst we work alongside some fantastic music too to keep us in the rhythm. Kettlercise is truly for ages 17+ and for all fitness levels. I am here to guide you along your journey. Come along and try a FREE taster class.

Thank you Ilona for your wonderful feedback, much appreciated, Lorraine xxx


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